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Joshua 1:9

Every tour gets a name. It's a gentle reminder to VIP about the purpose of Tour. The titles are often based on song lyrics and rooted in scripture. In the days before we departed, I kept thinking and praying about what words might capture the spirit of this particular mission trip. Here's what finally made its way onto the cover:

I put this verse, Joshua 1:9, on the back and used it for the devo before we left home:

Ever since then, Joshua 1:9 has been popping up everywhere! Here's Laura's account:

Hey all! This week is going great. Along with impacting those we’re ministering to, God has clearly given VIP a beautiful sign this week, and it’s only day four! Prior to tour, I attended a weekend camp, and the main scripture was Joshua 1:9. On the cover of my Bible, right above the title, Joshua 1:9 is printed. It was the first scripture I’d ever put to memory, and now it is everywhere! On our first choir tour gig, Joshua 1:9 appeared on the wall above a doorway. The next day, we went to Rita’s, and Joshua 1:9 was ON THE WALL AT RITA’S. AN ICECREAM SHOP. This is totally God telling us all something.

After getting to walk around Market Square in Knoxville, we headed to KARM, a shelter for homeless adults. The two biggest decorations in the main hall consisted of two scripture verses. One was Joshua 1:9.

During Devo on Monday, David raised his hand and asked to read a text message his mama had sent him. He read it, and I’m pretty sure everyone was both astonished and comforted. She told him she loved and missed him, along with this: “Here are some scripture verses that stuck with me when I was reading my Bible: Joshua 1:9 ….” David’s mama had no idea of the verse on our tour book or our crazy choir tour God sightings. A few minutes later, Olivia raised her hand to speak. She explained that on the bus ride to Nashville, along with an amazing sunset and rainbow, she saw a truck with a bumper sticker. That sticker said Joshua 1:9.

It’s only day four, and God is with us in so, so, so many ways. Family and friends, would you be on the lookout for Joshua 1:9, and let us know if you come across it so we can add it to our “Joshua 1:9” list?

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