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Adventures with Manni (Silly!)

During free time on Sunday afternoon, most of the group walked around downtown Knoxville. When the kids returned, Scott encountered them in the lobby with a new "friend."

If you zoom in, Manni has a note on his chest that reads:

Hi! My name is Manni. I like to go on adventures. Take me on your next one. The kids are carrying out this mission with great zeal. In the spirit of the Gospel of Matthew, Manni was naked and VIPs clothed him.

They gave him a bath. They carried him on a hike, and refused to abandon him in the wilderness, even when I suggested that he might lead a long and happy life at the Ijams Nature Center.

No, The kids insisted on toting Manny around, despite my pleas to reconsider and perhaps leave him in his hometown of Knoxville. When we got off the bus after our hike, the kids headed into the hotel to change and pack up. They were turned the bus to find that Manny was missing! (Cue: dramatic music) Panic set in. "Where was Manni? Did you get rid of him?" The kids were sad that their new friend was gone. I had no idea what had happened to Manni. As the kids moped and mourned, I gently reminded them their chaperones are a pretty fun loving bunch and while I (truly) had no knowledge of Manni's whereabouts, I was familiar with the chaperone team in their love of a good prank. Manni was discovered several hours later. Turns out, he had just been in the bathroom on the bus.

Before the singers had a chance to retrieve him, he was gone again. Where will he turn up next???

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