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Choir Tour 2016, Day 1

Tours is off to a great start! The kids enjoyed their time on the bus, playing games, chatting and napping. We also had a brief rehearsal on a piece called "Travelin Thru" (a perfect song for the bus). At lunchtime, Christina led a lovely devotional on hospitality -- a great message before our first gig at Holston Home for Children in Greenville, Tennessee.

We had SUCH a great time at Holston Home. The kids there were a fantastic audience and VIP delivered a strong performance. After we were done singing, Holston Home's Pastor - Abel Carrico - offered an awesome message to all of us. Then, we had pizza and enjoyed visiting with the kids. Our groups mingled well and I think they found lots to talk about. We closed our time with a jam session with Abel.

A few pictures from our visit to Holston Home are below -- and you'll find more tour pics on our homepage and Instagram account: VIPYouthChoir.

We checked into our hotel in Knoxville and had devo time with Morgan. She did a superb job, talking to us about listening for the voice of God. Thanks , Morgan!

More to come! Holly

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