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VIP Children's Choir is led by Mr. Paul Balsley and designed for students in Grades 4 and 5. Children's Choir

rehearses on Monday evenings at St. Nicholas Lutheran from 7pm - 7:45pm. 

Register online for Children's Choir.

Performance Plans 

Plans are still taking shape but our hope is that Children's Choir will perform:

🎵 1-2 times per session in church services throughout the community

🎵 1-2 concerts per session. In keeping with the service-oriented model of

Voices In Praise, Children's Choir will also strive to offer music at senior centers,

retirement communities, and more.


What Will the Choir Wear?

🎵 Boys wear a black shirt, pants, socks, shoes, and belt.

They are given silver suspenders and bow tie for each performance.

🎵 Girls are asked to buy this dress in black and black tights. They are given a silver sash to tie around their waist for each performance. 






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